UOIC launched Advisory division

Uzbek-Oman Investment Company, established in 2010 under the Presidential Decree "On measures of expanding investment cooperation with Sultanate of Oman" with two governmental shareholders: State General Reserve Fund of Sultanate of Oman (SGRF) and Fund for Reconstruction and Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan (UFRD) with 75% and 25% shares, respectively.

UOIC has achieved Total AUM of USD 449 mil and 17 assets in the portfolio. In 10 years, UOIC has created more than 4000 jobs and successful businesses in financial, agricultural, manufacturing, construction materials, logistics, and metal industries.

One of the core values of UOIC is the consistent-value-addition orientated approach to our business and the broader business environment. With purpose of utilizing company's deep experience in deal sourcing, deal execution and asset management, UOIC is pleased to offer the following services:

Analytics and Research
  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Market/Sector Research and Analysis
  • Business Plans and Financial Analysis of Projects

Deal Execution
  • M&A Advisory
  • Company Restructuring
  • Fundraising

Assets and Fund Management
  • Asset Management
  • Fund Management

Risk Management
  • Financial Risk
  • Business Risk

Advisory initiative is one of the ways to share the knowledge and expertise in order to help existing and new businesses to prosper and develop the economy of the Uzbekistan.

Advisory Division of UOIC
Tel/Fax: +998 71 205-0149